NSW Dealer Software Training 2015

KYOCERA Document Solutions is passionate about giving its customers the materials and training needed to better understand the technology that goes into making our printers and multifunction devices a leading brand.

NSW & Pacific Islands Dealer Manager Chris Rohwer hosted a two-day event for our valued Dealer Channel in New South Wales office.

“It’s a great opportunity for our dealers to meet each other and share experiences,” said Peter Wroblewski, Kyocera NSW General Manager.

Day 1:

The first day was a full-day software training session where Chris presented Kyocera-developed solutions, KYOeasyprint and Teaching Assistant, to over 18 dealers.

Our dealers filling out a quiz for the Teaching Assistant demonstration

After each solution presentation our Sales Engineer Jamie Zois gave a live demonstration and answered many questions.

After lunch, Nuance teamed up with us to educate our dealers on Equitrac and eCopy.

The training session was a great atmosphere for dealers, letting them share tactics and stories with one another as well as network with other like businesses.

“The day was a great success with all of the dealers feeling more familiar with our software,” Chris said. “We’re excited about new potential business opportunities as a result.”

Day 2:

On the second day, we wanted to show our dealers that at Kyocera we work hard, but we play even harder so we headed on down to the Penrith Whitewater Stadium – which was used for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
The team heading down the rapids

The dealers preparing to kayak down the river

The dealers preparing to kayak down the river

After a fun but exhausting day out on the rapids, the team sat down for their last hoorah with a buffet lunch where they traded stories about the day.

One of the groups getting caught in a whirlpool

One of the groups getting caught in a whirlpool

“Whitewater rafting was awesome,” said Vince Cohen of North Tec. “Thanks to Chris and all of the Kyocera team for putting on dealer activities like this one. It’s very much appreciated and a great way to meet and network with other dealers.”

The team heading down the rapids

The team heading down the rapids

Thank you to all of our dealers for your participation and keep up the great work. We look forward to the next event!

See more photos from the two-day event here.

KYOCERA Cloud Connect now with Google Drive. Providing businesses with even more flexibility

CloudCloud computing and cloud storage are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s business environment, as customers want to store and access data from anywhere at any time.  Here we talk with Kyocera’s Product Marketing Manager, George Kharoufeh, about how the cloud works and Kyocera’s new connection with Google Drive that makes accessing your data straightforward and reliable.

George can you tell us about “The Cloud” and KYOCERA Cloud Connect?

The Cloud comprises of any and all applications and services hosted and run on servers connected to the Internet  The Cloud allows users to access from any device at any time, providing that their files are saved ‘in the cloud’. KYOCERA Cloud Connect is the solution that bridges Kyocera’s multifunctional products to two of the top cloud service applications publicly available today.

So what’s the new and improved KYOCERA Cloud Connect?

Well, not only can our Cloud Connect enable scanning and printing of files in Evernote, but now also files in Google Drive, directly from most Kyocera multifunctional product control panels. The application enables scanning and printing of files in Google Drive and Evernote,  cloud service providers, directly from HyPAS enabled Kyocera multifunctional product control panels.

What functions does KYOCERA Cloud Connect allow users to perform now?

The KYOCERA Cloud Connect application now allows users to upload scanned files directly to Google Drive and Evernote from the touch screen control panel of a Kyocera multifunctional product without the need to scan to a PC, laptop or smart device. When a hardcopy of a document is needed users can retrieve and print files stored in Google Drive and Evernote directly from the Kyocera product in file formats including JPEG, PDF and TIFF.

It seems things are just being made easier and easier for us. Can you give us some examples of where KYOCERA Cloud Connect could be used?

KYOCERA Cloud Connect keeps customers connected wherever they are. This means that you can scan to your account and take the data with you and you can also print anywhere in the world on any Kyocera HyPAS enabled device. This application allows for easy sharing of data across multiple  offices globally. For example a large document can be scanned into the Cloud by a corporations  Sydney office. It can then be accessed by any office worldwide– wherever a customer chooses to share the corporate access to their Cloud Connect account.

KYOCERA Cloud Connect is available from Kyocera Document Solutionsor their authorised dealer network.
For more information on Kyocera’s Cloud Connect visit: 
For more information about Kyocera products and services visit our website or fill in an online enquiry form.

Kyocera Teaching Assistant simplifies educators’ task to evaluate student performances

teaching assistant

This week we are launching an exciting new software that will make life easier for our increasingly pressured educators! Teaching Assistant creates on-demand tests, grading and analysis documents and simplifies the time consuming task of examining and evaluating student performances. With no PC required Kyocera Teaching Assistant is an application that transforms your Kyocera device into an on-demand test creating, grading and analysis hub.

 We understand the demands of the education environment, that’s why we are offering a free 30-day, no-obligation trial! Just email us at marketing@dau.kyocera.com for more information.

Removing the pain of manual grade testing, Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant is easy to use and the finished product is an analytical and graphical PDF result with immediate detail that helps our educators benchmark student performance, identify weaknesses and prepare classroom instruction.

bubble-sheetAd hoc testing can be created at any point, giving educators the chance to create exams that would normally, due to time constraint, fall through the cracks. Apart from the obvious benefits mentioned previously, Teaching Assistant also enhances educator productivity and test and grading accuracy is made more efficient as manual grading is removed.  Teaching Assistant is extremely cost effective; costs are dramatically reduced as answer keys can be printed on plain paper, eliminating the need for special media and scanning systems.

For more information see the Teaching Assistant Software Solutions page here or complete our online enquiry form

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