Increase productivity with mobile applications

Whether you’re interested in organising your meetings, saving documents securely to the cloud or you’re the modern business employee on the move; mobile technology is becoming an important part of everyday business.

Here are some websites with apps you might like to explore:


  • Meetings: Take notes, create an agenda, keep track of attendees, email the meeting notes and send meeting invites
  • The business traveller: Calculate your frequent flyer points or search out the best coffee in any city
  • Cloud computing apps: Store and access your photos, documents and videos on the web
  • Finance Management: Track your expenses and current financial information
  • Business Life: Dictate your meeting notes and share files with colleagues
  • Mobile print: Print and scan to the cloud or direct to a device 

Find out more about how Kyocera products are compatible with mobile devices by visiting our website or complete our online enquiry form.

Top tips: Unearth hidden business costs!

Kyocera Document Solutions Australia Managing Director, David Finn has some insightful tips about identifying hidden business costs and managing them. 

We enjoy providing solutions to business and government organisations; the solutions are robust and large scale and they demand the best of our technology. Our technology delivers reliability and cost savings for the long run. Building on this experience, I’m excited to extend our range into the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) and SME market so that we offer the benefits around large scale needs to those of you working from home.

Feedback is encouraging. Our sales and channel partners have had a great response with our range of printers that have a low purchase price, low running costs, are easy to operate, reliable, long life, quiet and compact, making them the perfect choice for both SOHOs and SMEs.

Every business at some stage has to deal with the pressures of starting up and no matter how old your business is we all know the importance of cutting hidden and unnecessary costs.  Financial experts recommend a contingency sum of about 20% of profits be set aside to meet the unexpected, but I have some handy tips to help you identify these hidden costs before it’s too late.

1.      Renting Office Space

The decision to rent a business space is more daunting than expected. There is always an initial large cash outlay and thereafter a regular and unforgiving commitment. Read through the contract very carefully, you will be surprised what you may be responsible for.

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KYOCERA raises funds for Cancer Council whilst cooking up a Masterchef feast.

Kyocera recently held a Master Chef competition at our Sydney HO. Participants were tasked with creating a dish that would suitably feed some hungry but harsh judges.  Competition was fierce and a feast was had by all!

 A variety of cuisine from all around the world competed to be crowned the winner of  Kyocera Master Chef 2012. The accounts team representatives Marilyn and Jon brought a taste of Asia with San Choy Bow and Satay chicken.

IT was represented by Paul with his Apple and Rhubarb Crumble, whilst the sales team sent Suzanne with her mini passionfruit cheesecakes, which were a firm favourite.

Reigning champion from 2011, Nelson from IT, said ” Competition this year was tough. I saw one person eat dessert before their main course!”

The winner was a sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and crunchy praline, baked by Rebecca from the Finance team. 

During our Master Chef competition the social club sold teddy bears, pens and other Daffodil Day merchandise. The receipts from sales were donated to a the Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day which raises funds for cancer research and financial assistance for cancer patients and their families. KYOCERA Document Solutions Australia has participated in this charity event since 2001 and will continue to actively support Daffodil Day in the future.

KYOCERA Document Solutions takes the lead in Mobility

KYOCERA Document Solutions introduces its latest mobile business application, KYOCERA Mobile Print*. Available from the App Store and the Android market place, the application is designed to help mobile users to print and send files, scans and images from their mobile devices to selected Kyocera document imaging devices on a connected WiFi network.

With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) driving mobility, employees want to connect their own iPhone, iPad or Android** Smartphone and tablet to enterprise resources.

Kyocera’s innovative technology, powering both multifunctional products and mobile applications, makes the office a truly mobile experience for end users who just want a simple way to print and scan quickly from their mobile devices.

George Kharoufeh, product marketing manager at Kyocera Document Solutions Australia and New Zealand says “We’re really excited to be able to help our customers make their everyday document workflow much faster and easier with KYOCERA Mobile Print. We’ve had such a great response to our mobile applications in the past and this one really sets the standard to print easily using iOS and compatible Android smartphones and tablets.”

KYOCERA Mobile Print offers the following functions:

  • Device Discovery: Quickly and easily use WiFi to discover Kyocera printers, MFPs and MFDs
  • Print: Print photos, documents, or webpages stored on mobile devices from any file format
    including PDF, JPEG, PNG, TXT and HTML
  • Scan: Scan documents from a Kyocera device and send them to a mobile device
  • File Share: Easily create secure file sharing between your mobile device and a PC 
  • Email: Easily store and share documents stored in the app as email attachments
  • Job Accounting: Track print jobs when job accounting is enabled at the MFP, MFD or printer

Supported devices are:
• iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 4.2 or higher
• Android Smartphones with Android 2.2 or higher
• Android Tablet PCs with Android 3.0 or higher
• Kyocera printers and MFP devices with PDF-Direct Print 1.4 or higher 

 The KYOCERA Mobile Print application can be downloaded for free via the Android market place and iOS app stores.

* KYOCERA Mobile Print is the property of Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.
** iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. AndroidTM is a trademark of Google Inc. Other names, such as those of products of other companies or trade names are the trademarks of registered trademarks of each company.

Cut costs and carbon emissions – does this mean we stop buying printers?

The following article ran on the Kyocera Mita UK website. We liked the content and believe it will be of interest to our readers.

Tracey Rawling Church, Director of Brand and Reputation at Kyocera Mita UK explains what steps the public sector needs to take to transform its procurement of printers and make its Invitation To Tender (ITT) more cost efficient and low-carbon friendly.

To cut its costs and carbon emissions, the public sector should stop buying printers.

That may seem a ridiculous statement, coming from an imaging company executive, but actually there’s a serious point here. Most ITTs are written around a notional product – calling for a certain number of machines of a certain specification. And the tender process is quite rigid, so companies invited to tender are forced to propose a solution that fits the criteria in the ITT.

But in many organisations, the number of devices has crept up over time and device to user ratios are unnecessarily high – so replacing machines on a one-for-one basis only perpetuates a system that has become bloated and inefficient.

Sometimes the decision is made to consolidate devices, replacing desktop printers with shared multifunctional devices and an ITT is written on that basis,

but to achieve real efficiencies that could reduce costs by typically 30% and carbon by as much as half, a detailed print audit should be undertaken to determine precisely what hardware is needed at which locations to support business processes.

However, even this approach misses the opportunity to obtain a solution that is properly optimised not just at the point of implementation, but into the future.

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There’s still an odour to Aussies’ recycling

 Pip Hill has a chat with David Finn – Managing Director, Kyocera Mita Australia and New Zealand

The Australian Packaging Covenent (APC) has just released a report showing that Australians are getting better at recycling our rubbish. With a 5.5% improvement from 2009 to 2010 and a whopping 23.5% improvement since 2003!

The APC is a commitment between companies and government to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer packaging. This comes about through the packaging design, recovery and recycling and reducing the impact of litter – all great stuff.

Check out 1coast website for what can and can't be recycled

We were particularly interested to read that while Aussies are getting better at recycling glass and plastics we could get a whole lot better at recycling our empty aerosol cans – most of these are currently not being recycled at all. So all you users of aerosol deodorant take note, these little babies are recyclable! That includes fly spray – never use the stuff – and I guess the trusty WD40 to name a few. We’re also not too crash hot at recycling our steel cans – you know baked beans, tuna tins and the like. Most of these end up in bags in with the general rubbish but they are a valuable resource that can be recycled.

We certainly need to think differently about what we put in the general trash and to carefully check what is and isn’t recyclable.

Kyocera is a signatory to the APC and we proactively try to minimise the environmental impact of our packaging. Our products are packaged in 100% recycled, all paper construction, and use only vegetable and soy dyes in the printing process. Our packaging has won back-to-back awards at the Japan Packaging Contest. To see other organisations who are signatories to the APC view them on APC’s site.

Kyocera Mita appointed to Federal Government Panel

Kyocera Mita Australia, one of the world’s leading document imaging companies, has been selected by the Commonwealth Department of Finance and Deregulation to supply printers and Multi-function Devices as part of the Major Office Machines Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel. “Kyocera’s ability to offer both print and MFD technology enabled us to be one of the few vendors chosen to supply product in both Category 1 – Network Printers and Category 2 – Multi- function Devices,” David Finn, managing director Kyocera Mita announced.

Kyocera has long been recognised as a major vendor on many State government supply contracts throughout Australia. Kyocera’s award winning and reliable technology, class leading Total Cost of Ownership and environmentally friendly design has secured them State government contracts in Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales and SWARH in Victoria.

“We are really delighted to have been given this opportunity with the Federal government. It was a thorough and rigorous process which took around 9 months to complete so it is rewarding to know our technology and our organisation is recognised in this way. We look forward to extending our offering to Federal government and to a long and successful relationship,” said Finn.

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