KYOCERA Global Service Awards 2014

2014 Service Award_FinalA key focus of KYOCERA is to be the leading service organisation in the printer/copier industry. In order to deliver outstanding service quality, the excellent product knowledge, technical understanding and training of KYOCERA’s own and partner technician’s is paramount.

To recognise the expertise in quality and service, KYOCERA is inviting all of its contractual partners’ technicians to compete against each other in an exciting contest to prove their skills at the ’KYOCERA Global Service Awards’.

 “Experience your Excellence” by setting the benchmark of service quality.

By participating in the contest, technicians can prove that they are in fact, the best KYOCERA technician in Australia. The national champion will receive the title of ’Australia’s Best KYOCERA Technician’ for 2014. What’s more, they will also win the ’Trip of a Lifetime’ to visit the KYOCERA headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.

The competition is divided into two stages, starting with an online pre-qualification questionnaire. The second stage involves the highest scoring technicians participating in a one-day elimination contest of theoretical and practical knowledge.

For information on how to participate, please contact Hendra Djuhari via email and provide your name and full Authorised Dealer contact details. 

Increase productivity with mobile applications

Whether you’re interested in organising your meetings, saving documents securely to the cloud or you’re the modern business employee on the move; mobile technology is becoming an important part of everyday business.

Here are some websites with apps you might like to explore:


  • Meetings: Take notes, create an agenda, keep track of attendees, email the meeting notes and send meeting invites
  • The business traveller: Calculate your frequent flyer points or search out the best coffee in any city
  • Cloud computing apps: Store and access your photos, documents and videos on the web
  • Finance Management: Track your expenses and current financial information
  • Business Life: Dictate your meeting notes and share files with colleagues
  • Mobile print: Print and scan to the cloud or direct to a device 

Find out more about how Kyocera products are compatible with mobile devices by visiting our website or complete our online enquiry form.

The tricks of the trade to be a sustainable green office for small to medium businesses

Going green is definitely trending within small to medium businesses and here at Kyocera, we couldn’t be happier! However businesses can struggle with ideas to help them go greener.

Going green can be an effort, but the rewards of saving money, helping the environment and building good habits definitely outweighs this. We’ve gone to the experts and created a compilation of the easiest things to do in order to make your business greener. Can you think of any more?

Utilities power board

  • Use a power strip which allows for ease when unplugging multiple devices. Purchase one with an off switch to reduce your electricity consumption. Remember to unplug your power strip at the end of the day to stop ‘phantom’ consumption of energy
  • Adjust your thermostat, to a few degrees cooler in winter, and a few degrees warmer in summer. We promise no one will notice!
  • Eliminate unused computer programs; when they run in the background they’re eating up electricity
  • Install occupancy sensors in bathrooms, kitchens and conference rooms.

Printer and Paper Products

  • Offices and teaching environments can reduce their printing amounts by charging per print. A handy feature that Kyocera Document Solutions offers through the PaperCut MF and Nuance Equitrac software solutions
  • Set your printer to automatically print duplex and multiple pages per sheet, and use the ‘draft print’ option when printing unimportant documents
  • Store manuals, policies and other documents online
  • Install eco-font (Vera Sans) which uses up to 15% less ink and toner or you can set your printing properties to the ‘eco-print’ option; a sure- fire way to save. Check it out here:
  • Switch to an electronic fax service such as ‘fax-to-email’, saving on separate paper, toner and maintenance. Kyocera Document Solutions can again help here by streamlining your workflow. To find out more visit our solutions pages.

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On the road with the Gremlin

A quick update on how Kyocera supported team ‘Gremlin’ is holding up on the road, traversing through Queensland for the Variety Bash

Having left the town of Emerald on Monday 5 August, the Gremlin team are having a blast travelling through Queensland trying to raise $25,000 for Variety.

Gremlin small town

On the road they’ve encountered minor aches and pains in the old car, but nothing serious enough to slow them down significantly. Day three and four saw them through Stonehenge and Winton. Despite a potentially faulty gearbox and a busted rear shock absorber, they’re still battling through!

Gremlin Parade

The weekend took them to Mt Isa with the Gremlins parading in the Mt Isa Rodeo Parade on Friday 10 August.

Look out for our next post, which will wrap up how the Kyocera supported team ‘Gremlin’ went in the 2013 Queensland Variety Bash!

Follow the Gremlin Team and keep up to date on their trip by visiting their Facebook page at:

For donations: remember to include the note ‘Car 555’ when donating at:

For more information about the Queensland Variety Bash visit:

Following the “Gremlin” team in the 2013 Queensland Variety Bash

variety bash

Kyocera Document Solutions is excited to support our distribution partner, Dynamic Supplies in their sponsorship of the 2013 XXXX Gold ‘Sun, Saddles and Surf ’ Variety Bash. Its ready, set, go! Variety will be raising much needed funds to help children across Australia with participants competing in the 3,500 kilometre journey across Queensland.

Starting Monday 5 August from Emerald and finishing at Mission Beach on Wednesday 14 August, the journey promises to be a fun and colourful fundraising event with more than 400 motorists participating in the 24-year-old tradition.

We will be proudly encouraging the ‘Gremlin’ car’s voyage in this year’s Queensland Variety Bash. Purchased by Gerry and Mike Walsh in 2007, the Gremlin is a 1967 HR Holden Wagon. Featuring green flashing lights, spot lights and a loud speaker with animal and siren noises, this car will certainly be hard to miss! The ten-day journey will pass by towns like Blackall, Stonehenge, Mount Isa and Normanton, giving locals –from school children to grandparents – a chance to learn more about Variety’s mission in Queensland. Participants will also help deliver much needed equipment to schools and hospitals.

This year’s team consists of Gerard Walsh, Michael Walsh and Oscar Sacristan. This will be Gerard’s fifth bash and Michael’s third, both men seeing the bash as a hobby with a good cause. Oscar, who works for Dynamic Supplies, is entering for the first time. Let’s hope these guys can raise much needed funds for Variety!

SAM_2089 cropped

Kyocera in partnership with Dynamic Supplies is proud to be supporting the Variety Bash and the charity’s persistent effort to improve the lives of sick and disadvantaged children. Kyocera is also excited to see how the team goes this week with their trip.

Mark Vella Director of Sales & Marketing Kyocera Document Solutions, comments: “Variety is a wonderful charity that makes a real-life difference to those who need it most. We are very eager to support the bash and help the charity continue its remarkable work in enabling sick and disadvantaged children to fulfil their potential. Our support of the Variety Bash comes as part of our long-term commitment supporting our partners and addressing community needs.”

For more information visit

Charities such as Variety and their annual Queensland Varity Bash, bring forth the joy of helping others

The organisation Variety, was started by a group of theatre owners in Pittsburgh USA who in 1928, found an abandoned baby outside the ‘Variety Club’. The baby’s mother had pinned a note to the child’s clothing which read:

“Please take care of my baby. Her name is Catherine. I can no longer take care of her. I have eight others. My husband is out of work. She was born on Thanksgiving Day. I have always heard of the goodness of show business people and pray to God that you will look after her. Signed, a heartbroken mother.”

The group set about raising money to buy items needed for her care and were so successful that they decided to widen their view to offer assistance to local orphanages. Their philosophy was that they would not give money – only goods and services. Variety spread throughout the entertainment industry and today there are 80 branches worldwide. Lord Louis Mountbatten brought Variety to Australia in 1975 with Paul Hogan as the first Chief Barker (Chairman). Today it is represented in all states and territories, reaching tens of thousands of special children each year.

The Queensland Variety Bash started in 1985, with Dick Smith taking a group of motorists from Bourke to Bourketown in their old cars, raising money for charity along the way. All of the money raised went to the Variety Club of Australia to further its support of sick, disabled or disadvantaged children. Every entrant has to raise money for Variety and all vehicles must be 30 years old or older at the time of entry and be non-performance modified. Any cash donations go directly to the charity, not to the cost of preparing vehicles, meals, fuel or accommodation for the entry teams.

Look out for our next post, which will update you on how the  ‘Gremlin’ team went in the 2013 Queensland Variety Bash!

KYOCERA Global Donates Solar Power Generating Systems to Schools in Africa

We’re pleased to hear that Kyocera Global has recently donated solar power technology to schools in Tanzania and Uganda. An ongoing project since 2009, Kyocera Global has been providing solar power generating systems to schools in Africa which now totals 28 schools in five years. Kyocera has donated to schools that have no access to electricity with the project able to provide electricity for much needed storage batteries, lamps, TV sets, radios and general lighting. With additional installations at seven schools in the last fiscal year, donations have already been made to a total of 28 schools, with seven more to follow by March 2014.

Tanzania Solar Donation

Kyocera believes in the great possibilities of the young generation in Africa and hopes that its donations in Tanzania and Uganda will help further the education of students who carry the future of the countries on their shoulders. To directly convey these hopes, donation ceremonies were held in which a company representative interacted with the teachers and students.

Kyocera started research into solar energy in 1975 when then-president Dr Kazuo Inamori first recognized the long-term potential for solar technology to contribute to global energy demand. Shortly after, in the early 1980’s, the company began providing solar power systems to regions without electricity in Pakistan, China and Nepal. Kyocera remains strongly committed to its business philosophy of utilizing solar energy for the protection of the environment and the improvement of people’s lives.

For more information visit Kyocera Global
For more information about Kyocera products and services visit our website or fill in an online enquiry form.

Day in the life: Kyocera Reseller Manager NSW

Binh Johnson

From service technicians to reseller managers, take a behind-the-scenes look at the working day of the people at Kyocera Document Solutions.

Name: Binh Johnson

How long have you worked for Kyocera Document Solutions? I have been at Kyocera for about nine years now.

What is your role at Kyocera?

I have held a few roles at Kyocera, always in the New South Wales indirect sales channel team, working with Kyocera partners. I am currently one of two Reseller Development Managers in the New South Wales Branch. Resellers are an important part of Kyocera’s sales channel because they represent the brand to our customers.

What does a typical day look like for you?

No two days are ever the same! My days are very driven by what my resellers need to assist them selling Kyocera products. I could be working on a marketing campaign, actioning service requests, recommending products, quoting or conducting catch up meetings. I often spend time out on the road meeting with various resellers and discussing their needs. The list goes on!

What did you do before joining the Kyocera team?

Before Kyocera, I worked for Panasonic on an eight month maternity contract, looking after their mobile phone business. Before that, I was at Ingram Micro, a national IT products distributor for four years.

Hobbies and interests?

I haven’t been free to indulge in any hobbies or interests for the last two years because I have been building our dream home. When I get my life back (3 weeks away!), I would like to go back to enjoying skiing, baking goodies, holding dinner parties and dabbling in some knitting/sewing.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I look after my six year old son and husband! I also love watching my free to air TV programs and learning Pilates. My favourite TV show is Channel Nine’s The Block All Stars”.

Why do you like working at Kyocera?

I like the environmental philosophy that goes into producing our products. I try to use less packaging and recycle as much as I can at home. I am very excited about starting my very first compost at the new house! I also like Kyocera’s offering of reliability and cost savings. I always try to save money so it makes me feel happy/satisfied that I can offer our customers the opportunity to do the same. Finally I love the people I work with – there are some amazing people at Kyocera!

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