4 Tips to help you reduce paper use in your office.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel swamped by mountains of paper within the office but do we think enough about where our paper comes from and what happens when we are finished with our memos, mail outs and letter?

Did you know:

  • Every year Australians use around 3.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard
  • It takes 13 trees to make about one tonne or 40,000 pieces of paper.
  • Paper can usually be recycled eight times.
  • The earliest known paper was made from papyrus plants by the Egyptians in 2,200 BC
  • The first paper used in Europe was made from rags and straw. These were replaced by wood chips when papermaking machines were introduced in the 18th century
– Source www.sita.com.au

There are many ways in which you can be environmentally friendly and reduce costs within the office. Here are some tips which may help to reduce paper use in your workplace.

1)    Talk to your IT department or office manager about setting the printers in your office to duplex (double sided) print as a default

2)    You can also shrink copy to print mulitiple pages per sheet, this is great for things like PowerPoint presentations.

3)    If you need to share information with your colleagues, you can always scan and e-mail instead of printing a copy for everyone. And you can download Kyocera’s free Capture2go application,  which allows you to scan documents from your Kyocera device straight to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

4) On the majority of Kyocera printers and MFPs users can send a secure print job to the required device and can retrieve this job by entering a password at the machine touch pad, known as private print. For more advanced cost recovery and print managemnet solutions, Kyocera offers industry leading software such as PaperCut MF and Equitrac.

For more information about any Kyocera products or management software contact us on 13 5962 or through our online enquiry form.

Cut Costs with Document Management Services

Kyocera Mita, one of the world’s leading document imaging companies, today launched a range of new document management solution systems that will provide businesses, government departments and educational institutions with the capability to streamline document management processes, allocate and cut costs and save time, energy and waste.

The new KYOcapture solution from Kyocera enables businesses to recognise, capture and route all types of business documents, whether in hard copy or electronic format, to the desired document or content management system with ease, thereby streamlining theefficiency of internal workflow systems.

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