Recycle, Reduce But Don’t Forget You Can Reuse!

During a recent upgrade of its PCs and laptops, KYOCERA Document Solutions found 16 of its retired laptops were still in good working order and possible candidates for re-homing rather than recycling. It approached some local community and neighbourhood groups that it thought might be able to make use of the technology.

Helen Hwang of Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, which supports community well-being through the provision of creative programs and responsive services, was delighted to receive the donation.

 “We at Newtown Neighbourhood Centre are grateful for this timely donation from Kyocera.”

Helen said, “In today’s world, there is a growing digital divide where vulnerable members of the community do not have access to computers and the internet, and lack the experience in using computers.“

Kyocera’s IT Manager, Michael Sexton, delivers laptops to Helen Hwang from Newton Neighbourhood Centre

Kyocera’s IT Manager, Michael Sexton, delivers laptops to Helen Hwang from Newton Neighbourhood Centre.

Helen continued, “This donation will enable the Centre to not only provide access to computers, but also the opportunity for disadvantaged people to get the experience and training necessary that many of us take for granted – including sending emails, preparing resumes, pursuing interests, and applying online for jobs.

“Thank you again to Kyocera in supporting us to reach our vision to create a more inclusive, resilient, vibrant and self-reliant community.”

Kyocera was thrilled to be able to donate the superseded technology, knowing that a small, community-based organisation could benefit from technology it had outgrown.

Michael Sexton, Kyocera IT Manager, said, “I’m pleased that, as part of Kyocera’s work to ensure we reuse and recycle electrical items in a responsible way, we were able to donate these laptops to such a worthy initiative. It is great to see resources being reconditioned and re-used in the community.”

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