The tricks of the trade to be a sustainable green office for small to medium businesses

Going green is definitely trending within small to medium businesses and here at Kyocera, we couldn’t be happier! However businesses can struggle with ideas to help them go greener.

Going green can be an effort, but the rewards of saving money, helping the environment and building good habits definitely outweighs this. We’ve gone to the experts and created a compilation of the easiest things to do in order to make your business greener. Can you think of any more?

Utilities power board

  • Use a power strip which allows for ease when unplugging multiple devices. Purchase one with an off switch to reduce your electricity consumption. Remember to unplug your power strip at the end of the day to stop ‘phantom’ consumption of energy
  • Adjust your thermostat, to a few degrees cooler in winter, and a few degrees warmer in summer. We promise no one will notice!
  • Eliminate unused computer programs; when they run in the background they’re eating up electricity
  • Install occupancy sensors in bathrooms, kitchens and conference rooms.

Printer and Paper Products

  • Offices and teaching environments can reduce their printing amounts by charging per print. A handy feature that Kyocera Document Solutions offers through the PaperCut MF and Nuance Equitrac software solutions
  • Set your printer to automatically print duplex and multiple pages per sheet, and use the ‘draft print’ option when printing unimportant documents
  • Store manuals, policies and other documents online
  • Install eco-font (Vera Sans) which uses up to 15% less ink and toner or you can set your printing properties to the ‘eco-print’ option; a sure- fire way to save. Check it out here:
  • Switch to an electronic fax service such as ‘fax-to-email’, saving on separate paper, toner and maintenance. Kyocera Document Solutions can again help here by streamlining your workflow. To find out more visit our solutions pages.

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KYOCERA to Supply 405 Kilowatts of Renewable Solar Energy to Remote Villages of Fiji

Kyocera Solar, Inc. recently announced that its solar energy systems will power ­over 2000 homes in the FijiIslands. Working in partnership with Fiji’s Department of Energy, and the Fifth Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting project (Palm 5), the solar projects aim to bring renewable energy to remote villages across Fiji.

The remote Fijian villages do not receive power from a traditional electric grid, with the installation of these solar systems; rural villages are able to thrive.  Each system will utilize Kyocera’s modules and the sun’s energy to provide basic lighting and other low-power needs on the islands.

On a recent visit to Fiji George Phani, National Sales and Operation Manager Kyocera Solar Australia was able to see first hand the difference the installation of the solar modules will have on the local people:

“Solar energy makes so much sense for island nations that often lack an electricity grid infrastructure but have an abundance of sunshine year-round,” says George “With our Kyocera modules; many Fijians have been given light and other electricity into the night – maybe for the first time. We hope this program can                                                               serve as a template for other islands to follow.”

Kyocera has partnered with Powerlite Generators (Fiji) Limited to install 3,000 solar modules throughout Fiji. Each system includes at least one 135-watt Kyocera module, a regulator, maintenance-free batteries, and both indoor and outdoor lighting.


About Kyocera Solar:

Kyocera is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated producers and suppliers of solar photovoltaic modules and systems, with a 37-year history of innovation in solar technology. Recognized as a global leader and industry pioneer in solar power solutions, Kyocera is in a unique position to integrate its decades of experience into product development and support for both residential and industrial clients across the globe. Kyocera serves thousands of customers in both developed and developing regions, with more than 3 gigawatts of solar collection equipment installed since 1975. The company has set repeated world records in multicrystal silicon cell efficiency and most recently gained the distinction of producing the world’s first modules to pass the Long-Term Sequential Test for reliability performed by TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd.

Celebrating 20 years of Kyocera ECOSYS technology

This year KYOCERA Document Solutions celebrates the 20th anniversary of the launch of its ECOSYS sustainable printing technology.

Environmental sustainability has been one of the underlying principles of KYOCERA Corporation’s corporate philosophy since its foundation in 1959. In 1986, KYOCERA Document Solutions’ parent company, KYOCERA Corporation, stated that ‘The environment will become an important consideration from now on.’ Since then we have created a range of products with a long lifespan and very low operating costs.

In 1992 the Kyoto Protocol was five years away from being agreed and 13 years away from coming into force. Yet we were already shipping the first ECOSYS sustainable printers. Our heritage in ceramic technology is fundamental to the low-waste design of ECOSYS printers. The long-life components we use are many times more durable than traditional alternatives meaning that in most cases our printers will have a lifespan significantly longer than other printers.

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KYOCERA Partners with Planet Ark

This week KYOCERA Document Solutions announced their partnership with Planet Ark for the recycling collection of consumable waste in the work place.

As David Finn, Managing Director, Kyocera Document Solutions Australia and New Zealand explained, “ We’ve run our own recycling campaign for many years and have been proud to offer a solution that we managed ourselves. This worked very well in smaller organisations where Kyocera work with them exclusively for their printer and copier needs. Yet as we have grown, and work increasingly with larger organisations and government departments, this isn’t always the easiest solution for these customers. They may have multiple vendors and want one collection point for their consumable waste.”

The ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ (C4PA) is a well regarded and highly recognised extended producer responsibility program addressing the growing issue of electronic waste in Australia. Participation in C4PA for Kyocera’s customers is free, convenient, and provides an established network of collection boxes in more than 30,000 locations around Australia.

The aim of the program is to prevent cartridges from entering the waste stream and thereby reduce the potential environmental impact arising from the end of life disposal of cartridges. The image on the left shows how the “green machine” grinds and sorts the waste material. The recycled materials are put to a variety of uses such as turned into pens, rulers, chemical spill clean up kits, and in eWood™ applications such as park benches fencing, and signs.

Kyocera’s philosophy – to ‘dispose of less, recycle more’ and reduce the impact of business waste on the environment – is embraced from the design and creation of the product, its operation with minimal waste and cost, the foam free packaging constructed from biodegradable packaging and the final disposal of product.

Kyocera supports numerous environmental initiatives including being a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant and over a decade long partnership with Clean Up Australia, helping communities to clean up, fix up and conserve the environment.

Kyocera Document Solutions Australia is pleased to sponsor the ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ recycling program and looks forward to continuing to work with their customers to help minimise waste and recycle more. Kyocera’s customers can register easily either through the Kyocera website or visiting Planet Ark’s site

Kyocera Cleans up Australia 2012

In our prior post we shared some of the history of Kyocera and  our relationship with Clean Up Australia, so following another successful Business Clean Up on Tuesday February 28th we wanted to show you some of our favourite moments from the day.

The start of the day saw the 2012 Kyocera Clean Up Team meet Ian Kiernan, the founder of Clean Up Australia, at Christie Park in North Ryde to begin our clean up activities.

The clean up site is made up of flat park land, thick bush and a creek that runs through the Lane Cove valley. The team split into pairs, chose an area and began collecting and separating the rubbish into general waste and things that could be recycled.

We found all sorts of things in amongst the bush – some of the team discovered enough red carpet for The Oscars. Other items included a car hub cap, concrete blocks, plastic bags and milk crates.  The most common items were plastic drinks bottles, food wrappers and drinks cans, some of which looked like they had been around for many years.

Business Clean Up Day 2012 saw over 300 businesses take part. Events varied from e-waste collections, office clean outs and local park clean ups, to a dive clean up, which saw clean up teams pulling all sorts of rubbish from the water. To find out more about taking part in Business Clean Up days go to, and don’t forget that Clean Up Australia Day is March 4th 2012, where everyone can be involved!!

Further information about Kyocera and the environment can be found here.

Kyocera Cleans Up Australia for over a decade

As we near the twenty second annual Clean Up Australia Day on March 4 and Business Clean Up Day on February 28, we have a chat with David Finn about Kyocera’s long standing partnership with Clean Up Australia. Spanning more than a decade the two organisations have shared a similar vision – to lessen our burden on the environment. Finn believes in rolling your sleeves up and getting dirty to help make a difference.

David what led Kyocera to first get involved with Clean Up Australia?

Back in 1999 I was looking to get involved in an entity that was supporting green initiatives – reducing land fill and reducing waste – and felt that Clean Up Australia presented a good opportunity to pursue those avenues.

We started sponsoring Clean Up in 2000 and participated in our first Clean Up event at this time, so we’ve been involved for over 12 years now.

Are there any interesting sites you’ve cleaned up during this time?

The clean up project we get most excited about at Kyocera is our involvement at Brush Farm Park in Ryde. Over a five year period we eliminated the rubbish from this site and restored it to the beautiful community area it once was.

Brush Farm Park was a neglected piece of bush and, due to the way the landscape falls away, was sadly a perfect tipping place where people could back a truck up and empty it. It had been used as an unofficial tip site for years. On one of our Clean Up days we collected three skip bins worth of rubbish, it was huge!

Over five years we removed all the rubbish and worked with horticulturists from Ryde Council and removed all the privet weed. Since this time Ryde council have restored the heritage building on the site and it is an area now enjoyed by the local community.


What is the most unusual item you’ve come across?

I can’t think of one particular item that’s unusual but I’ve seen and cleaned up things like engine blocks, water heaters and every piece of conceivable rubbish people clean out of their households.

We did unearth a natural waterfall at Brush Farm Park one year which was pretty exciting. Once we cleared away all the rubbish there it was and that was quite an amazing thing to discover.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share about the experience with Clean Up?

It’s been a very interesting journey with Clean Up and it’s been a really positive thing, all our staff have really enjoyed the participation.

I’m a believer that actions speak louder than words, so it’s one thing to sponsor something but it’s quite another to get your hands dirty and actually physically do something. That’s the sort of ‘can do’ culture we value.

You can find out more about Kyocera’s environmental ethos here. To register for Clean Up Australia day or Business Clean Up Day visit .

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