Kyocera Service Awards 2015 Is Here!

It’s time again for KYOCERA to invite authorised service partners’ technicians to take part in the 4th annual Kyocera Service Awards. The Service Awards allow authorised partners’ technicians to show off just how much they know while having a bit of fun.Service Awards The first round consist of an online test. From there, the three highest socring technicians proceed to the next round where they undertake a theory component as well as a practical skills test. The winner will be named the “Best Kyocera Technician in Australasia” and win a trophy, an all-inclusive, week-long trip to Japan and Hong Kong to tour the Kyocera headquarters and facilities, and a Kyocera MFP! The two runners up will be awarded with a trophy, a Kyocera MFP and a polo shirt.  So, let the competition begin! Who will take the title of “Best KYOCERA Technician in Australasia”?

How to become the “Best Kyocera Technician in Australasia”? It’s easy – just go to and login! Don’t have a login? No worries! If you need to create an account, email us on You’ll receive your account details and the Service Award test will be available in your personal account. *Don’t forget that you can ALWAYS use the Kyocera Academy to improve your knowledge by completing online training courses – it may also help prepare you for the Service Award test!

The Competition: Round 1: The first stage is open now. Entries close on Sunday, 31 May! The subject areas range from hardware and software problems with printers and multifunction devices to Kyocera’s product and service quality. Go to the Kyocera Academy to take the exam. Don’t forget any participant who scores over 60 percent will receive a Kyocera ceramic pen! Round 2:  The three technicians with the highest scores from Round 1 will head to the Kyocera Head Office in Sydney to test their theory knowledge and practical skills. The technician that manages to correctly diagnose and repair all problems the quickest will be awarded the title of “Best Kyocera Technician in Australasia” and a trip to Japan!

Good luck to all those who are competing! Be sure to keep checking our blog here for updates on the Service Awards.

Are Aussies doing the right thing with E-waste?

An ongoing problem we share in the Australian community is our strong dependence on using landfill for our waste management. Recent years have seen a change in trends with more and more Australians becoming conscious of their own recycling habits.

In 2001, 19 million tonnes of waste were disposed of to landfill, and by 2007 this figure had grown to 21.3 million tonnes. Contributing to this statistic includes municipal waste, commercial and industrial waste and construction and demolition waste.

As Individuals we contribute to the growth in waste going to landfill figures incredibly. Between 1996-97 and 2006-07, the volume of waste produced per person in Australia grew from 1,200 kg per person to 2,100 kg per person per year. So how can an individual make a difference? Why not check out some hints and tips from Clean Up Australia on how you could shed an elephant or two by living greener at home and work.

However it’s not just individuals who can make a difference, businesses also need to be aware of projects and programmes that can help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

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Kyocera Teaching Assistant simplifies educators’ task to evaluate student performances

teaching assistant

This week we are launching an exciting new software that will make life easier for our increasingly pressured educators! Teaching Assistant creates on-demand tests, grading and analysis documents and simplifies the time consuming task of examining and evaluating student performances. With no PC required Kyocera Teaching Assistant is an application that transforms your Kyocera device into an on-demand test creating, grading and analysis hub.

 We understand the demands of the education environment, that’s why we are offering a free 30-day, no-obligation trial! Just email us at for more information.

Removing the pain of manual grade testing, Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant is easy to use and the finished product is an analytical and graphical PDF result with immediate detail that helps our educators benchmark student performance, identify weaknesses and prepare classroom instruction.

bubble-sheetAd hoc testing can be created at any point, giving educators the chance to create exams that would normally, due to time constraint, fall through the cracks. Apart from the obvious benefits mentioned previously, Teaching Assistant also enhances educator productivity and test and grading accuracy is made more efficient as manual grading is removed.  Teaching Assistant is extremely cost effective; costs are dramatically reduced as answer keys can be printed on plain paper, eliminating the need for special media and scanning systems.

For more information see the Teaching Assistant Software Solutions page here or complete our online enquiry form

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