KYOCERA Document Solutions launches next generation of MFDs

KYOCERA Document Solutions has launched the next generation of A3 colour and mono Multifunction Devices featuring enhanced ease of use and efficiency of output. The seven new A3 devices which offer advanced features and functions to enable a fully customisable workflow are:

TASKalfa_2Colour Multifunctional

TASKalfa 3051ci
TASKalfa 3551ci
TASKalfa 4551ci
TASKalfa 5551ci

Monochrome Multifunctional

TASKalfa 3501i
TASKalfa 4501i
TASKalfa 5501i

Here we talk with Kyocera’s Product Marketing Manager, George Kharoufeh, about how the new range differs and works for our customers.

George can you tell us about the new features on these MFDs?

All seven MFDs have a user-friendly design and are fast, with speeds from 30 ppm to 55 ppm and time to first page of 3.2 seconds. The fast scanning and finishing speeds mean the devices are extremely productive and KYOCERA‘s HyPASTM software platform ensures that each MFD can meet the requirements of the demanding office environment.

HyPASTM allows easy interface with business applications such as Document Management Systems (DMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The user-friendly colour operation panel is adjustable and encompasses the ‘touch and swipe’ functionality commonly used in smart phones or tablets, while the four integrated USB slots allow connection of additional devices such as IC Card reader, USB keyboard or USB stick.

Ease of use and efficiency are the hallmarks of this new range. We are always striving to have a deep understanding of how our customers use our products and to anticipate their future needs.–George Kharoufeh, Product Marketing Manager Kyocera Document Solutions Australia

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Kyocera Document Solutions, a long-time supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Federation Australia


Kyocera Document Solutions Australia has proudly received a loyalty award from the New South Wales branch of the Cystic Fibrosis Federation Australia for our continuing support of the foundation. , Kyocera have proudly supported the foundation for almost ten years. Since 2004, Kyocera has attended the annual Cystic Fibrosis Ball and consistently contributes to the cause through the organisation Charity Greeting Cards. By purchasing our Christmas cards  each and every year, Charity Greeting Cards donates 40 cents of every card sold to Cystic Fibrosis New South Wales.  In the last five years over two million dollars has been donated.

The Managing Director of Kyocera Document Solutions Australia and New Zealand, David Finn, is particularly heartened by this award saying;

Having been personally touched by how cystic fibrosis affects families and children, we are proud to be associated with and support such a cause which aims to ease lives marked by cystic fibrosis and supports research into ending this disease that affects so many.

Cystic fibrosis is the most common, genetically acquired chronic illness affecting Australians. It primarily affects the lungs and the digestive system by clogging them with thick, sticky mucus. At present there is no cure for cystic fibrosis, but the faulty gene has been identified and doctors and scientists are working to find ways of repairing or replacing it. The Cystic Fibrosis Federation Australia provides support and services to people with cystic fibrosis and their care givers and families.

For more information about The Cystic Fibrosis Federation Australia visit:
For more information about the organisation, Charity Greeting Cards, visit:

The 2013 Kyocera Document Solutions Australia Global Service Award goes to…

KYOCERA Document Solutions Australia recently held the finals of the Kyocera Global Service Awards. Over 300 authorised dealer technicians registered to take part in the challenge to become Australia’s Best Technician, with the participants coming from all areas of the Oceanic region. The finals, held at our Head Office in Sydney, were a close and highly contested event, consisting of a theory test and four separate practical tests.

And the winners are:

1st Place: Simon Roberts from Multifax DDS WA

2nd Place: Dean Jeffery from Forum Group (Nationwide) VIC

3rd Place: Nikolas Krzykowski from Forum Group (Nationwide) VIC

Global service 1

From Left: David Bleasdale; Kyocera Chief Operating Officer, 1st place winner Simon Roberts and Stuart Thiessen; Kyocera National Service Manager

Global service 2               Global service 3

2nd place: Dean Jeffery                                          3rd place: Nikolas Krzykowski

Simon will be meeting with the other winners from America, Europe and South Africa to visit the Kyocera Headquarters in Japan in 2014.

KYOCERA Australia will be holding the next Global Service Awards in 2014, so please take part for your chance to become Australia’s Best Technician.

Increase productivity with mobile applications

Whether you’re interested in organising your meetings, saving documents securely to the cloud or you’re the modern business employee on the move; mobile technology is becoming an important part of everyday business.

Here are some websites with apps you might like to explore:


  • Meetings: Take notes, create an agenda, keep track of attendees, email the meeting notes and send meeting invites
  • The business traveller: Calculate your frequent flyer points or search out the best coffee in any city
  • Cloud computing apps: Store and access your photos, documents and videos on the web
  • Finance Management: Track your expenses and current financial information
  • Business Life: Dictate your meeting notes and share files with colleagues
  • Mobile print: Print and scan to the cloud or direct to a device 

Find out more about how Kyocera products are compatible with mobile devices by visiting our website or complete our online enquiry form.

Kyocera Document Solutions a leader in the recycling revolution

planet ark recycling weekKyocera Document Solutions is calling on Australians to join the recycling revolution during Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week by recycling their used printer cartridges and old computers. As a proud sponsor of National Recycling Week and a participating manufacturer in ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’, Kyocera aims to help workplaces divert waste from landfill and recover the valuable resources embedded in used cartridges and computers.

 “It is increasingly important for companies to be socially and environmentally responsible. By supporting Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week, we hope to show the industry that action on e-waste is imperative. We are confident Kyocera’s unique environmental credentials may serve as inspiration for companies looking to achieve corporate and ecological sustainability.”   – David Finn, Managing Director Kyocera Document Solutions Australia and New Zealand

Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week, which runs from 11th to 17th November, highlights the environmental benefits of recycling by focusing on the many successful activities and programs individuals and workplaces can participate in.

Read more about Kyocera’s involvement in Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week here

To find out more about Recycling Revolution or to search for local recycling options visit:

The tricks of the trade to be a sustainable green office for small to medium businesses

Going green is definitely trending within small to medium businesses and here at Kyocera, we couldn’t be happier! However businesses can struggle with ideas to help them go greener.

Going green can be an effort, but the rewards of saving money, helping the environment and building good habits definitely outweighs this. We’ve gone to the experts and created a compilation of the easiest things to do in order to make your business greener. Can you think of any more?

Utilities power board

  • Use a power strip which allows for ease when unplugging multiple devices. Purchase one with an off switch to reduce your electricity consumption. Remember to unplug your power strip at the end of the day to stop ‘phantom’ consumption of energy
  • Adjust your thermostat, to a few degrees cooler in winter, and a few degrees warmer in summer. We promise no one will notice!
  • Eliminate unused computer programs; when they run in the background they’re eating up electricity
  • Install occupancy sensors in bathrooms, kitchens and conference rooms.

Printer and Paper Products

  • Offices and teaching environments can reduce their printing amounts by charging per print. A handy feature that Kyocera Document Solutions offers through the PaperCut MF and Nuance Equitrac software solutions
  • Set your printer to automatically print duplex and multiple pages per sheet, and use the ‘draft print’ option when printing unimportant documents
  • Store manuals, policies and other documents online
  • Install eco-font (Vera Sans) which uses up to 15% less ink and toner or you can set your printing properties to the ‘eco-print’ option; a sure- fire way to save. Check it out here:
  • Switch to an electronic fax service such as ‘fax-to-email’, saving on separate paper, toner and maintenance. Kyocera Document Solutions can again help here by streamlining your workflow. To find out more visit our solutions pages.

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Bored at meetings? Perhaps it’s time to incorporate these technologies and ideas into your meeting rooms

Whether as a part of a team or one on one basis, meetings are an important aspect of any business. Meetings allow for input and discussion as well as social interaction, and are a vital informative medium. However, meetings can often become boring and tedious. Lucky for you, KYOCERA has searched the Internet and found these ideas and tips on giving your meetings that new edge. It’s time to shake up the conventional sit-down meetings and introduce these new trends into the meeting room!


A Change of Scenery
Meetings in a conventional office rooms have certain benefits for example; there are no distractions and they are often sound proofed however eventually the energy and discussion will wane. Consider conducting your meetings outside, in an open-aired area, over lunch or standing up and trust us, the difference in employee input and outcome will be worth it.

Using Matchmaking Programs
Industry meetings and events can open the door for networking opportunities, however networking needs to be more than just staring at each other’s chests trying to decipher paper name badges. There are now matchmaking programs available to match networkers based on discussion topics, job title and description, and objectives. Check out one example of these programs here:

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