David Finn

David Finn is the Managing Director of KYOCERA Document Solutions Australia and New Zealand. Kyocera, renowned for their unique ECOSYS® durable imaging system, delivers a complete range of printers, copiers and other document management solutions. The ECOSYS® technology means Kyocera can offer cost-saving printer technology with long-life imaging components that provide greater reliability, are friendlier to the environment and present a significantly lower cost per printed page.

In no particular order, David loves his Harley motorcycle, cooking sumptuous feasts, renovating property – with an eye to making it more enviro and energy efficient, and conserving and protecting the environment. He has recently completed a project to regenerate the bushland next to his home and enjoys seeing the multitude of native wildlife there including possums, red belly black snakes, water dragons, echidnas, birds, frogs and even a platypus!

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