Business Clean Up Day Australia 2015

The KYOCERA team rolled up their sleeves and donned their finest pair of gloves as they got amongst it at Lane Cove’s Blackman Park for Business Clean-Up Day Australia.

This was our 13th year participating in Business Clean-Up Day and we always try to top what we found from the year before.  This year, we stumbled through endless amounts of spider webs to gather over 5 bags of rubbish and 4 bags of recyclables!

The team after collection

The team after collection

Amongst this year’s crazy finds was:

  •     A Christmas tree base
  •     Two tyres
  •     The side panelling of a car

It took a good hour, a steel rod (that we found) and 3 of our strongest men to remove the two tyres from a flipped over vehicle in the mangroves.  It was a tough challenge but we pulled it off!

the guys removing the tyre from the mangroves

the guys removing the tyre from the mangroves

“I wasn’t really looking forward to Clean-Up Day,” said Julianna Spence, a first year freshie and self-confessed germaphobe. “But I actually had a blast. It was a great team building experience. Plus, we got to have fun while doing something great for the environment as well as the community.”

After a busy morning of cleaning, the fun continued as the team went to La Piazza for some delicious pizzas and refreshments before heading back to the office for hot showers and to catch up on work.

All in all, it was a great day.

To view more photos from the day, click here.

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