Bored at meetings? Perhaps it’s time to incorporate these technologies and ideas into your meeting rooms

Whether as a part of a team or one on one basis, meetings are an important aspect of any business. Meetings allow for input and discussion as well as social interaction, and are a vital informative medium. However, meetings can often become boring and tedious. Lucky for you, KYOCERA has searched the Internet and found these ideas and tips on giving your meetings that new edge. It’s time to shake up the conventional sit-down meetings and introduce these new trends into the meeting room!


A Change of Scenery
Meetings in a conventional office rooms have certain benefits for example; there are no distractions and they are often sound proofed however eventually the energy and discussion will wane. Consider conducting your meetings outside, in an open-aired area, over lunch or standing up and trust us, the difference in employee input and outcome will be worth it.

Using Matchmaking Programs
Industry meetings and events can open the door for networking opportunities, however networking needs to be more than just staring at each other’s chests trying to decipher paper name badges. There are now matchmaking programs available to match networkers based on discussion topics, job title and description, and objectives. Check out one example of these programs here:

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A wrap up on how team ‘Gremlin’ faired in the XXXX Gold Variety Bash

The Queensland XXXX Gold Variety Bash occurred from 5 August to 14 August and had 30+ year old cars travelling a gruelling distance across Queensland to raise money for children’s charity Variety. This year Kyocera Document Solutions was excited to support the  gremlin team in car 555 in this fantastic charity event. Here we talk to Oscar Sacristan, one of the drivers and an employee of Kyocera distribution partner Dynamic Supplies, about his thoughts on how the event unfolded. 

The Gremlin

Congratulations on completing the 2013 XXXX Gold Variety Bash. Can you tell us a little bit about your bash journey? How many km did you travel, how many destinations etc.

Overall we travelled over 6000 km on the journey, with approximately 3700 km of that being the Bash itself. We started in Emerald and then had 9 different overnight stops including:  Blackall, Stonehenge, Boulia, Winton, Mount Isa, Normanton, Georgetown, Mareeba and Mission Beach.

And what was the highlight of the trip for you?

There were many highlights along the way. Seeing the many different landscapes in outback Queensland, the small towns you travel through, the countless acres and acres of cattle farms were just some of the few. Also visiting the Dinosaur stampede attraction at Lark Quarry, attending the Mount Isa Rodeo, crossing the finish line in Mission Beach and then driving along the actual beach was pretty amazing.  However the main highlight for me was the opening of a Liberty Swing in a park in Mareeba.

Following you on Facebook enabled us to see the variety of participants taking part in the Bash. Did you meet anyone that really stood out or had an interesting story?

Along the way you do meet a few people but more importantly witness the work that the Variety Club of Queensland do for so many kids. There are a lot of people, we call them “Bashers”, that have participated in the Bash year on year which shows the amount of work and dedication that goes into the Bash and its fundraising efforts.

We could see from your photos that you spent a few nights on the road sleeping under the stars. Did you have a favourite overnight stop? Or rest stop?

Well yes pretty much every night we slept in our swags, gazing at the stars, except the final night in Mission Beach. We did have one rest stop that everyone enjoyed but I can’t remember the name of the creek. We had travelled a few thousand kilometres throughout drought stricken Queensland, crossing many dried up creeks and rivers, then we finally got to this one creek that had running water. After travelling such a long distance and breathing in so much dust people just chilled by the water or in the running creek

The XXXX Gold Variety Bash is in aid of raising funds for the Children’s Charity Variety. Were you successful in achieving your fund raising targets? How much was raised in total from this year’s bash? Can people still donate if they’d like to?

Unfortunately we weren’t able to reach our target but our team “The Gremlins” managed to raise over $20,000 with the help of our great sponsors and also the generous donations from family and friends. This year’s Bash raised over $1.2M in total and yes people can always donate to the Variety Club. The link for donating is:

Check out the Gremlin Team’s trip by visiting their Facebook page at:

For more information about the Queensland Variety Bash visit:

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