TechCollect: The newest way to safely recycle old technology

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TechCollect is a nationwide recycling service making it easier to get rid of our obsolete technology while protecting our precious environment.

Kyocera is passionate about protecting the environment  and goes to great lengths to do so at all stages of the life cycle from product design and manufacture, operation and responsible disposal at the product’s end of life.

As part of this ongoing effort Kyocera has partnered with TechCollect, to work with others in the industry and the Australian government to cut the amount of electronic waste that goes into landfill. TechCollect was set up by over 60 of Australia’s leading technology importers and manufacturers, including Kyocera.

Electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the leading concerns for governments worldwide as most products end up in landfills, due to a lack of knowledge about how to responsibly dispose of them. TechCollect is a program to combat this problem in Australia for end-of-life TVs and computer products. Disposing of e-waste has never been easier. Now it’s just a matter of dropping off old technology at your nearest TechCollect pick up station, free of charge.

The e-waste collected is broken down and the resulting materials can be found in new products. TechCollect only uses audited recyclers with less than 10% of the materials tech collect 3recycled ending up in landfills.

TechCollect was set up by the Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform Limited (ANZRP). ANZRP is the only not-for-profit e-waste recycling service approved by the government under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

Kyocera’s worldwide green polices of encouraging conservation, recycling and limiting our impact on the environment, made it an easy choice to support such a program as TechCollect.

To find your nearest free pick up station visit the TechCollect website.

For more information on ANZRP visit

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