Kyocera Team join Business Clean Up day 2013

the team 2013

Ian Kiernan joins the Kyocera team including David Finn, Managing Director (centre)

Tuesday 26th February saw the Kyocera Team out of the office and in the local parkland for Business Clean Up day run by Clean Up Australia. We spoke with Pip Hill who joined her colleagues in their effort to make a difference in the local area.

So Pip, Can you tell us about Business Clean Up day and what it involves?

pip_craig tyreKyocera has been participating in Business Clean Up Day for over 10 years. It’s run by Clean Up Australia and businesses are encouraged to do their bit for the environment and community by cleaning up in their local area. The results have been great with volunteers pulling out bags and bags of rubbish from parks and beaches each year, so it’s very satisfying – not to mention great exercise and fun team building! This year we went back to Christie Park in North Ryde. It was a challenge as we had to cross a creek and scramble through fallen branches and dense bushland to get to where all the floodwaters had washed most of the rubbish. It was also quite a hot morning and the mud was still slippery from the massive rainfall on the weekend. The area itself is beautiful with small waterfalls and nice walks so it was good that we could make a difference. We were very thankful to return to the office for a hot shower and a team lunch!

What was the weirdest piece of rubbish collected?

Well this year we had a tyre and some metal pipes, golf balls, plenty of bottles/bags and a pair of shoes. Previous years we’ve pulled out some interesting items like a parts of a car engine.

What happens to the rubbish after it’s collected?

sorting the rubbish for recyclingClean Up Australia organise local councils to pick up the rubbish directly from the site after it’s collected. As we collect the rubbish throughout the day items that can be recycled such as paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and aluminium are separated and other materials are disposed of safely.

How can other organisations find out about it?

Any organisation can join, all you have to do is round up a group of volunteers for a couple of hours on a specified day in late Feb. You’ll have to register your site previously on the Clean Up Australia website  and you will be supplied with all the material needed to do the job i.e. bags, gloves, documentation for employees. It’s simple really.


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Kyocera Teaching Assistant simplifies educators’ task to evaluate student performances

teaching assistant

This week we are launching an exciting new software that will make life easier for our increasingly pressured educators! Teaching Assistant creates on-demand tests, grading and analysis documents and simplifies the time consuming task of examining and evaluating student performances. With no PC required Kyocera Teaching Assistant is an application that transforms your Kyocera device into an on-demand test creating, grading and analysis hub.

 We understand the demands of the education environment, that’s why we are offering a free 30-day, no-obligation trial! Just email us at for more information.

Removing the pain of manual grade testing, Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant is easy to use and the finished product is an analytical and graphical PDF result with immediate detail that helps our educators benchmark student performance, identify weaknesses and prepare classroom instruction.

bubble-sheetAd hoc testing can be created at any point, giving educators the chance to create exams that would normally, due to time constraint, fall through the cracks. Apart from the obvious benefits mentioned previously, Teaching Assistant also enhances educator productivity and test and grading accuracy is made more efficient as manual grading is removed.  Teaching Assistant is extremely cost effective; costs are dramatically reduced as answer keys can be printed on plain paper, eliminating the need for special media and scanning systems.

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