The Hidden Cost of Printing

A chat with John Stubbs, State Manager South Australia, Kyocera Mita

John Stubbs has been with Kyocera Mita for close to a decade now and with extensive industry experience, from over 20 years in the industry, he never ceases to be amazed by the lack of awareness of what he calls the ‘hidden cost of printing’. These being the running costs of toner and consumables, needed to operate an often disparate fleet of printers and copiers, which are blindly absorbed by so many organisations.

The mistake so many organisations make is to scrutinise the purchase price of the printers or copiers they purchase but to pay little attention to the costs of the consumables which they have to purchase throughout the life of that product.

These costs run in to the thousands, and hundreds of thousands for larger organisations, very quickly.

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Does your business have visions beyond the Cloud?

A chat with Craig Elkin, Business Solutions Architect, Kyocera Mita Australia and New Zealand

Craig you’ve been with Kyocera over a decade now in a multitude of roles from IT, Marketing, Sales and Technical Support. You’ve earned the reputation of being a technical guru when it comes to customer solutions and troubleshooting, as well as having your finger on the pulse of what new trends are emerging in the industry and what customers are looking for.
Tell us what’s new and interesting and what we should keep an eye on?

If you look at where the industry has come from in the decade I’ve been with Kyocera it’s a very different customer environment. We’ve got Cloud computing, the proliferation of mobile devices and the need for remote printing, environmental sustainability and most notably the shift towards solutions.

 Ten years ago it was more of a box selling environment, where a high volume of disparate IT equipment like printers or servers could be delivered to the customer and they would handle the rest.

Fast forward, and today customers are looking for a complete solution where all equipment is seamlessly integrated into their network. So understanding a customer’s workflows and their business environment is essential and part of what makes roles like mine so interesting and diverse.

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